Sunday, 24 February 2013

Sunday: A day of rest and renewal.

The practice has been busy lately, and I'm thankful!

Exciting projects and opportunities are happening all around me.  While some may be small in scope, they can be demanding and all-consuming.  I'm sure my fellow designers can identify with the experience.

The basement renovation project, which was the subject for my previous post, has been at the top of my mind, even though I have a much larger project / deadline looming, potential client-meetings and technology seminars in the coming week.  The enthusiasm which the client brings; fresh and innovative ideas, and challenges during construction, are keeping my senses sharp and I am learning much.

New media sources, shared to me by this client (twitter, pinterest and blogger) have opened a new "world" to me, and I am truly amazed at the amount of information out there.  More amazing to me, are the ways in which to manage this.  It's an exciting challenge that I had not expected.  Weekends are time for a break in the action.  Or, so I had thought...

It is our normal routine, to enjoy a Saturday morning breakfast at the St. Lawrence Market.  Carousel Bakery makes the most delicious peameal (Canadian / back bacon) sandwiches which my family and I enjoy very much...  I highly recommend them.  After breakfast, we've been spending a little family time by ice-skating at Harbourfront, Nathan Phillips Square or another of the fine rinks in Toronto.  Other times, we'll find a neighbourhood, and simply explore.  New things to see, smells and tastes to invigorate the senses.  Sharing these experiences with my young family, are what re-charge my batteries, and give me inspiration for the week / challenges ahead.

By nature, I am a sensitive person, and I take inspiration from all that is around me. These weekend jaunts into Toronto (from our suburban enclave) stimulate me while giving me an opportunity to share the neighbourhoods of my childhood and youth.  I have taken-up photography in the last few years, and find myself taking along my little Nikon V1 whenever we are out and about.  Random snapshots of interesting and inspirational scenes, details or colours are becoming touchstones or a "library" of reference to draw on.  New (to me) media, give me a wonderful way of cataloguing and sharing (which, I hope to do, here).  The challenge of uploading and managing / presenting them, are a work in progress...

This past weekend, we made our way to the Castlefield design district in search of a side-table (for laying-out drawings).  While we had minimal success in finding a suitable, affordable table, the amazing content of architectural antiques and vintage / salvage items were like lights at a carnival...  It was a spectacle of (almost) overwhelming proportions but, amazing to the senses and, maybe more importantly, fuel for the fire. Items may be used directly in current or future projects, or cues may be borrowed and replicated in designs suitable for projects that will be realized only in my imagination... No matter, the experience is the stimulus.

Now, a day of rest, and on to the challenges of the week ahead!

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