Tuesday, 26 February 2013

BCIN Accreditation (Pt.I)

Since my departure from the corporate Architectural practices of my past, it has become a requirement for an Architectural Technologist (such as myself) to attain accreditation with the Ministry of Municipal affairs and Housing as a designer of structures.  This accreditation is know as a designer's BCIN (number / licence).  As my previous experiences have been within a practice, I could toil on another's design and have it issued under the practice with which I was employed.  Therefore, a BCIN number was not required for me, personally, during these years.

As I have recently started-out on my own, I am in the position where I will be going through the (rather arduous) process of becoming accredited with my own BCIN number. Currently, I am without my BCIN, and rely on consultants (Structural Engineers and / or Architects) to provide general review and stamping of my drawings, prior to building permit application.

However, I am proud to announce that I am enrolled in the programme (as of today) and will be sitting the (first) exam on May 21, 2013!

I hope to be describing the process of BCIN accreditation through this blog.  I look forward to successfully completing it and being able to service clients without the aid of additional consultants, in the very near future...  Exciting steps, to be sure!!

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