Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Long time, no blog...

My apologies for the lack of attention I've paid to blog-updating lately.  Things have been percolating on both the business and personal development fronts, and have been keeping me busy...  I pledge to update more regularly, and incorporate more photos in my upcoming posts.

For now; a quick update on a few things that have been happening, and road map of what to expect on my blog in upcoming posts:

  • A basement renovation project, in which I assisted with the design and drafting, and in association with Christine Dovey, interior designer and client bijouandboheme, has been completed.  Christine has described the process on her blog.  I will be offering my perspective and photos, in an upcoming post.  I'm very happy with the results and proud to have been a part of it!
  • My "bread and butter" client has been keeping me busy with shop-drawings review and production and as the architectural liaison / consultant to their manufacturing portion of the trade.  I have been assisting them with their production and in coordination with many of the major home builders in the GTA.  It's not glamourous but, it's good exercise and a way for me to keep a finger on the pulse of an industry that I had worked in for many years.  I'm not sure if anyone would be interested in this aspect of my practice but, I'd be willing to share, if requested.  As I said, it's not glamorous but, it helps pay the bills and I'm grateful to have them as a client!!
  • I wrote the first phase of my BCIN accreditation in late May:  "House 2006 - Part-9 of the Ontario Building Code".  The exam went well, and I'm awaiting the results.  As with all things government-related, it could be a long wait.  Nevertheless, I am optimistic at the outcome, and am currently working towards completing the Legal portion of the process.  I expect to sit the Legal exam in early Autumn, 2013.  I will post about my experiences in separate, upcoming blog posts.
  • A client approached me to assist in the marketing of their house by creating some design options for a potential renovation to the house.  I prepared a couple of schematics and a design board for display in the space during "open house" presentations, and in realtor's brochures and advertisements.  A fun project with a lot of impact and exposure!
  • I am very pleased to state that a long-time project is moving forward.  The clients have indicated they are in a position to make application for Building Permit this summer, and I am looking forward to having this project move to construction.  The clients are a lovely family who are planning a major upgrade in a new residence I have designed to be built in South-East Oakville.  Exciting stuff!  I will be sharing more about the permit process and photos of the construction, as this project moves along!
  • In early June a former employer (Kenneth Isaac Architect Inc.) and I were approached to prepare a fee-proposal for a renovation and addition to a Church in Etobicoke.  Our considerable experience in this field was highly valued and we were considered to be the front-runners in the process.   Unfortunately, we were out-bid, and we will not be involved in the project...  A bitter disappointment, to be sure.
  • I am currently working with a potential client for a major renovation to a substantial residence in the tony Forest Hill neighbourhood, in Toronto.  My fee proposal is in, and I expect to hear whether this project will be moving forward in the next few weeks!  Fingers crossed!!
  • In July, I will be continuing discussions with a client who is considering a whole-home makeover to his Bay Street condominium.  I initially met with the client in February, and the project was put "on-hold" as he was returning to his native Paris, France. His employment terms require him to be in Canada part-time, only.  Fortunately, in this age of electronic and instant communication, the project remains "live" via the internet.  Amazing!
  • Another home renovation project continues to develop...  It's been a great experience in which I have been involved in both the design, demolition and construction phases.  Again, a residence in Old Oakville, it is an ongoing scene, which I will be sharing with you.
  • I am thrilled to announce that I have been retained by Christine Dovey and her Family to design their "dream-home"!  Please follow bijouandboheme and wjbdesigns for exciting posts as this process develops!  Christine is a client that every designer dreams of...  Lots of creative ideas will be exchanged between us as Christine is willing to experiment and develop her own style in her principal residence as a showpiece in Old Oakville.  I'm very fortunate to have this opportunity!  We will be moving into the "concept design" phase of the project in the next week, or so, and are planning to be under construction in early Spring 2014.  Stay tuned for more as this process moves along!!
So, I'll leave you with those "teasers" of what's to come...  I look forward to sharing, and hearing your thoughts, on the blog!

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  1. Thank you for the kind words Wallace- indeed it is us who feel very lucky to have you play such integral role in making our dream house come to life!