Monday, 24 June 2013

Project Update

As referenced in an earlier blog posting, I have been working with a client to prepare additional concept design sketches for their residence. The property is listed for sale.  The clients are hoping the sketches will make the house more marketable, giving prospective buyers some ideas for a renovation / addition to the dwelling.

The area to be developed is currently a vacant, unfinished attic area above a massive garage, as can be seen in the following two photos:

existing unused attic space
existing unused attic space

Clearly, there is room and potential for development of the space...

Based on comments from buyers and, in consultation with the owners and agent, I prepared two, alternate, concept design schemes to take advantage of the unused space and increase the liveability of the upper storey of the dwelling:

option one

option two

The layouts are being used in marketing material as prepared by the Realtor and displayed in the space via the presentation board, below:

concept design board in location of area to be renovated

The client, realtor and I are pleased with the designs and presentation.  We remain hopeful that this will aid in the sale of the property.  I'm hopeful that the purchaser retains me to complete the design and see the project through to completion!


  1. Looks great Wallace! Seeing these design boards makes me even more excited for what you're going to put together for us:)

    1. Thanks Christine. I'm hoping to get the sketches and ideas / links for your project in a post later this week... Stay tuned! In the meantime, check-out Christine's blog posting at: for an update from the client's perspective.