Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Busy, busy!

Wow, things have really become busy over the past week, or so!  Two new projects have been acquired, and I'm hopping!!

I'll be making more formal announcements, in the next few days but, for now, I'll just give you the basic details...

  • I've been retained to design a pool house for a local client.  A nice, little job to compliment a lovely house in SE Oakville.
  • I've been retained to redesign and develop an existing commercial, retail unit in a local Plaza, which will become a second location for a growing music teaching facility and studio space.  I'm thrilled about this one, as it's my first venture into the commercial architecture that I love.  While I have much experience in this area from past positions whilst employed by Architects, it's a field that I've yet to manage on my own...  Excited, to be sure!!
I'll be updating, as they progress, and time permits!

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