Tuesday, 1 October 2013

A new series of joint blog posts: ink and reverie

As mentioned in a previous post on this blog, I have been retained to prepare architectural design and working drawings for Christine Dovey's @bijouandboheme new, family dream-home.  Beyond this being a wonderful opportunity to work with such a talented designer, this will be an exciting and dramatic project to enhance to my growing portfolio of residential projects!

Christine and I have come to know each other, over the past few months of design revisions, and have become friends who feed off of the unique characteristics which we each bring to the table.  My more pragmatic, technical and engineering-like mind is responsible to put on paper whatever Christine can dream-of and imagine.  That, my friends, can be a lot!  Hence, we have decided to publish our mutually-respective positions on this exciting process...  Without further ado:

It is my pleasure to introduce this new series!

Christine and I have agreed to blog, from our individual perspectives, about this project as it progresses through preliminary and concept design phases and, ultimately, towards construction and occupancy. Every Tuesday, I'd encourage you to follow Christine's inspirational ideas and opinions on her blog:  bijouandboheme  and check back here, for regular updates!

Please leave your comments, and follow us on Twitter via #inkandreverie

Intense design discussions are challenging and entertaining.  Usually, over coffee, Christine pushes me to incorporate more than I would normally be willing to consider.  Starting with trying to squeeze an (almost) 4000SF house onto a 50FT wide lot!  Dreams are great, reality can be cruel:  Budgets are considered as the "elephant in the room" and zoning by-laws are largely, un-flexible.  Certainly, the layout has everything she dreams of but, something has to give!



This is where it's going to get interesting...  Stay tuned!


  1. So excited to be working on this with you Wallace- go team ink and reverie!

    1. The feeling is mutually shared, Christine! Thank you for the opportunity and exposure on Blogger and Twitter!


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