Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Into every practice, a little KAOS will fall.

An update on a recently completed project...

A few months ago, a contractor - friend (Jamie Coles - James Coles Renovations) referred me to a potential client, who needed a design plan for tenant improvements to a leasehold space in a local plaza. I was thrilled for the opportunity, as I seldom get a chance to do any design work in commercial spaces as a result of my current BCIN accreditation / classification as a Designer.  Truthfully, the majority of my Architectural experience is in commercial work, and it's where I feel most comfortable as a designer.  So, I priced the job as aggressively as I could and presented myself as the best option to the client.

A brief background on the client:

As an established business with a good following in the music industry, through a successful business on The Kinsgsway, in Toronto - KAOS Music Lesson Studio was looking to expand it's business reach.

The founder (client) and family had recently relocated to a more family-friendly area (Oakville) and it was their desire to open a second location closer to "home".  We met, hit it off, and reviewed the potential CRU (Commercial Retail Unit) together in Maple Grove Plaza.  The existing space was rough, but it's potential was evident.

Existing CRU

Existing CRU

Existing CRU

Existing CRU

After speaking about the potential space, reviewing the Landlord - Tenant agreement, Schedule B and implications, timelines for Building Permit, and their Grand Opening date, the client came to see that the possibility of another facility was, truly within reach.  The authorization to proceed with design drawings was given, and it was full steam ahead!

Immediately, I began by documenting the existing conditions in photographs, and measuring the existing space.

Measured Drawing Example

Measured Drawing Example

Fortunately, the client had a pretty good idea of what he wanted, which made the design process VERY quick...  It was rather informal, actually, and I was able to move straight into Working Drawings almost, right-away.  A couple of clicks of the mouse, and a few key-strokes later:

General Notes and Data Matrix

Existing Floor and Reflected Ceiling Plan

Demolition Plans

Proposed Layout and Reflected Ceiling Plans

Now, as you may notice, due to the classification of the building under the Ontario Building Code, I was required (and had the good fortune) to retain Kenneth Isaac Architect Inc., to assist with the project, legally.  Ken and I have worked together for many years, and continue to enjoy a mutually beneficial and cooperative relationship between our practices.

Certainly, the client on this project was very pleased with the prompt and expert service / consultant coordination that negotiated the process, in rapid fashion...  

Under Construction

Sound Attenuation Batts, in Typ. Studio Partition Wall

In fact, from measured-drawings, design, coordination, to building permit, through construction to completion, the project took less than a six weeks!  KAOS was open for business, on time, and on budget!

Storefront Elevation

Open for business!


Waiting Area and Studio Entrances


Ready for your lesson?

Needless to say, I'm thrilled to have been a part of this project and am very pleased with the finished space...  More importantly:  I have another happy client!

Congratulations to KAOS Music Lesson Studios.  Good luck with your new venture in our town!


  1. Wonderful job Wallace...I can see why the clients are so happy- the space is fabulous and you clearly managed to capture their vision...and on time/budget to boot- well done!!!

  2. Thank you Christine! I'm very pleased with the result!

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